The Reluctant Spectator-Hawaiian Shirts

ImageRichard and Heather were now blowing kisses at the dogs. Emily groaned and glanced up. They were dressed alike. Both of them were wearing Hawaiian shirts. They didn’t quite have the same pattern, but it was pretty close. Baseball caps topped their heads and the only thing that didn’t really match were their sunglasses and the fact that Richard was smoking a cigar.

“Nerds.” Emily muttered to herself.

They began to chat about the dogs. Something about how Howie had hip dysplasia and how the other two won’t eat their dog food on a regular basis. It seemed like a very serious discussion because they had it for a good ten minutes. Heather began to fiddle with the radio pushing all the buttons trying to settle on a station. The different music selections played for a second before she pushed the button again waiting for the perfect ditty to appear. A song from the musical “Oklahoma” played and she sat back in her seat satisfied with the outcome. Emily could hear her softly singing the words as Richard tapped the steering wheel. Wow, this was her exciting thirty-fifth birthday. Show tunes with the Hawaiian Bobsey twins. This was not helping her mood in the slightest.

She stared out the window. Families on picnics, couples on bicycles built for two, lobster shacks, and quaint rustic general stores passed her by. Maybe she would spot an ice cream truck? She could sure go for a torpedo pop. Who cares if she was an old lady?

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